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Marine Engine Main Bearing

The bedplate made in one section, Consisting or two welded, longitudinal gird number of cross Girders which support the main bearings. The MC engine series equipped with “Thick shell bearings or Thin shell bearings.

The Thick Shell Bearing Assembly

The tensioning force of a thick shell bearing assembly transfers from the bearing cap (pos. 1) to the upper shell (pos. 2) and via its mating faces to the lower shell (pos. 3)

The bearing bore equipped with the following geometry:
a) central oil supply groove and oil inlet in the upper shell which ends in a tangential run-out in both sides of the lower shell,
b) the bearing bore furnished with a bore relief at the mating faces of the upper and lower shell

The Thin Shell (Insert Bearing) Bearing Assembly

This is a rigid assembly. The bearing cap (pos. 1) has an inclined vertical and horizontal mating face. It wedged into a similar female geometry in the bedplate. The (pos. 2) ensures secure locking of the cap in the bedplate when the assembly pretension. The lower shell positioned by means of screws (Pos. 3). During mounting of the lower shell, it is very important to check and make sure to tightened screws to the bedplate well. This is to prevent damage to the screws and shell during tightening of the bearing cap.

Marine Engine Main Bearing

Each main bearing has one main bearing cap. It secures by four studs and nuts, designed for tightening by means of hydraulic tools.

The MC engine series equipped with "Thick shell bearings or Thin shell bearings.
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