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ISM-The International Safety Management Code

What is ISM Code?

The International Safety Management Code (ISM-Code) is a mandatory international instrument to establish measures for the safe management and operation of ships. The ISM-Code is part of the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS convention chapter IX)

The object of ISM Code

  • to ensure safety at sea,
  • prevention of human injury or loss of life and
  • avoid damage to the environment and to property.

ISM Manuels

1. Management Manuel

2. Operation Manuel

3. Maintenance Manuel

4. Safety and Environmental Protection Manuel

5. Contingency Manuel

Certificates under ISM Code

Two certificates are mandatory under the ISM-Code:

Document of Compliance (DOC): The DOC is a certificate issued to a shipping company that complies with the requirements of the ISM-Code.

Safety Management Certificate (SMC): The SMC is issued for an individual ship to confirm that the company and its shipboard personnel operate that ship in accordance with the approved safety management system (SMS).

Flag state administration or authorized classification societies on their behalf issues DOC & SMC and valid up to 5 years and renew every year.



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