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How Scavenging Air Cooler Works?

How Scavenging Air Cooler Works ? The engine supplies with scavenging air from one turbocharger mounted at the aft end of the engine. Alternatively, one or two turbochargers may be located on the exhaust side.

The engine exhaust gas drives the turbine wheel of the turbocharger, and through a common shaft, the turbine wheel drives the compressor wheel.
The compressor draws air from the engine room, through the air filters. From the compressor outlet, the air passes through the charging air pipe to the scavenging air cooler.

The scavenging air cooler insert is of the block type. It mounts in a housing welded up of steel plates. The cooler housing is provided with inspection covers. The air cooler housing prepared for cleaning of the cooler insert without removing it. This can achieve by the built-in spray-arrangement. The cooler designs with an air reversing chamber which has a water mist catcher incorporated. The water mist catcher built up of the number of lamellas. This Separate the condensation water from the scavenge air during the passage of the airflow. The separated water collects at the bottom of the cooler housing. The alarm device in the drain system identifies a higher water level.

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